Industry veteran Bryan Godwin founded shade vfx in 2009 to address an unmet
need for high integrity, efficient, and creative collaboration in the visual effects space. 8 years
later, shade vfx is one of the most successful boutiques in the business, built on a rock solid
technological pipeline with offices in both NY and CA. Further building on the success of shade, and seeing a need for domestic, low cost baseline services, Godwin has created “ Branch VFX.” Branch is dedicated to exclusively filling that need, allowing visual effects companies to reduce overhead, increase throughput and keep domestic and New York based tax incentives intact.

Bryan explains: “ Branch is born of a need for domestically located services for baseline
VFX tasks such as rotoscoping, 3d tracking and paintwork. Nearly every part of every visual
effects production is built on these fundamental tasks, which are frequently outsourced to Asia
and even Canada. There are a multitude of reasons to keep these tasks domestic; most
importantly, adherence to rules regarding tax incentives. Additionally, overseas outsourcing is a revenue vampire, reducing your competitive edge through long feedback loops, extreme time differences, language barriers and general quality control. Branch mitigates all of those
conflicts while still keeping your bottom line and your tax rebates in tact.”

"Albany was a natural choice for our new sister company. Albany takes advantage of an additional 10% transferable tax credit for clients (over the existing 30% in NYC), qualifies for the StartUP NY program, providing further tax advantages to our employees, and has partnerships for acquiring and developing emerging art and technical talent from nearby universities such as U. Albany, RPI and SUNY New Paltz. A quick 2+ hour ride from our shade vfx outpost in NYC will allow Branch to be closely aligned to our core business platforms."