The foundation of VFX, a necessary and critical task that needs to be handled efficiently, elegantly and accurately. Our artists are equipped with the latest and best tools, as well as proprietary workflows and asset management tools born from our sister company, shade VFX. Roto and prep completed at Branch VFX reduces feedback loops, long distance calls in the middle of the night, and artists and managers that understand your pain points and needs intimately. Our crew is standing by to process all of your roto needs, quickly and cost effectively.


paint fix and removals

In addition to our team of talented roto artists, Branch has a crack team of paint experts that specialize in removal of wires, pads, scratches, dents and beauty work. Our team flexes between the best tools for the job, and has a suite of custom tools, gizmos and technology to expedite the process.

Branch was born out of the need for low cost, but high quality services needed on every vfx project. Our methodologies and pricing can put paint and beauty fixes within reach for budgets that often won't work for large scale facilities.

3d tracking and rotomation

Camera tacking, object tracking and articulated organic matchmove are core skillsets tackled by our dedicated tracking team. Branch has a full suite of tracking tools so that the best workflow can be used for your specific task.

Tracking is an exacting and exhausting science, but the team and tracking leadership at Branch can quickly and precisely apply its experience to your project.

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